Kingsville Reporter – Two Dutch Guys

Two old Dutch guys are creating quite the buzz in chocolate

Mention the word retirement to Cor Boon and Henry Noestheden and they will look at you dumbfounded. Cor may be in his mid 70s, and Henry in his late 60s, but both are planning on building on the early success of ‘Old Dutch Guys Chocolate’.

Since opening five months ago at 2 Main Street West in downtown Kingsville, Henry and Cor have enjoyed a terrific response from people inside and outside of the community. Their “old world craft with a modern twist” has become a real hit with chocolate lovers. For Henry, delving into the world of chocolate was something he’d always considered “I thought about it when I lived in Manhattan, but it was too complicated,” he said. “I thought about when I lived in Santa Fe, but it was too complicated. But with Cor who is a master bird carver, the opportunity was perfect.”

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